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Happy Valentine’s Day…It could be your LUCKY Day!

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Love is in the air!  Another Valentine’s Day is at our door.  That means that it’s time to shower the one you love with some affection that, even though we’d like to it just seems to be impossible to do every other day of the year.  It’s not that you don’t love or try to let him / her know you love them every day…this is your day to make a GREAT BIG fuss over them and REALLY let them know how you feel.

Valentine’s Day was named for St. Valentine of Rome, who (as the story goes) was imprisoned for marrying soldiers who were prohibited to do so as well as for ministering to Christians who were persecuted by the Roman Empire.  While imprisoned, Valentine is said to have healed his jailer’s blind daughter (the family then all converted to Christianity) and just prior to his execution (for attempting to convert the Roman Emperor Claudius II to Christianity while imprisoned) is rumored to have written her a letter in which he signed, “Your Valentine.”

AWW!  The very first “Valentine Card.”

The connection to the day of love and romance is a big goofy mess that no one can quite agree upon.  Some say that it has to do with the poem written by Chaucer depicting mid-February as the time for birds to find their mates and nest.  Others think that it has to do with mid-February being the time of the marriage of Hera to Zeus; and others believe yet something else.  Whatever the connection, a great many of people follow along with the celebration of romance; giving cards, chocolates, jewelry and other gifts.  Some even propose marriage!  Now that you know why St. Valentine was imprisoned, I’ll bet you are thinking that that is a fairly fitting thing to do on Valentine’s Day (I get it now)!

Don’t let your life get in the way of your showing the one you love how much you do!  It’s NOT TOO LATE!!  You can still purchase a gift to give that shows you would like them to stick around for a while.  That’s right!!  A Treasured Memories gift certificate for either a mini or a full session that creates photos of the two of you together should show them how much you care.

Let us help you with your Valentine’s Day gift and get a free gift with your purchaseIf you happen to get engaged on Valentine’s Day, contact us at for a VERY SPECIAL GIFT.




Senior Rep Card GabbyCalling all 2015 SENIORS!  Lucky for you we have decided that the pricing schedule will not change until March 18th!  Yep, we’ve decided on giving you the LUCK O’ THE IRISH, to get your senior portraits booked at a lower price if you book by St. Patrick’s Day.  On March 18th our pricing schedule WILL increase, so don’t delay; place your deposit to get in on the lower pricing!



THIS JUST IN: “FRIENDS OF GABBY” gifts are available thru August 1, 2014.  Our daughter, Gabrielle or “Gabby” is a 2015 SENIOR and is looking out for her friends!  She has made a deal with us that if her friends book their senior portrait sessions with Treasured Memories, they’ll get to select a FREE GIFT!  Check out this list of items to choose from!

Senior Gifts friends of Gabby

 Know anyone who has a 2015 Senior, got engaged or is expecting a child?  Get them a GIFT CERTIFICATE for a session with Treasured Memories!  Gift Certificates are available in any denomination you like.

SAMPLE $25 Gift Certificate - Back


Treasured Memories also does custom designs for invitations / announcements.  Let us know what you’re looking for and we’d be happy to create something JUST FOR YOU!

Customization includes color and quote.


Finally, Treasured Memories has begun offering beginner photography classes.  Call or email to set up your group or private classes.  Have a group who’s interested in taking the class together?  Contact me for a discount for 3 or more people.

Classes Info

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~Tracy :)
~Tracy 🙂


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