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Class of 2015 Seniors…are you READY?

That’s right!!  It is our FAVORITE time of year!  Tiger’s Baseball is on, our daughter’s softball team is getting ready for action and IT’S TIME FOR SENIOR PORTRAITS!

Here’s some valuable information that you may need if you have a Class of 2015 Senior:

  • Generally speaking, yearbook committees require your senior photo to be provided in the fall so that they can finalize the layout and prep ordering.  Deadlines for seniors in our area:  Corunna is early October; Owosso / Perry / Morrice before December 1.  We know that all of it creeps up on you.  As a family, throughout the summer, you are probably dealing with vacations, sports schedules as well as open houses / weddings, etc.  It’s easy to keep putting things off thinking you have plenty of time to get them done.
  • You can always schedule your “traditional” session separate from your “casual” session.  We don’t charge extra for an additional session!  In fact sometimes, it’s just easier to do them separately.
  • LAYERS, Layers, layers!!  I can’t stress how helpful layers are when planning your portraits.  Even when offering “unlimited outfits” as part of the deal, changing your clothes takes time.  You can change your look by removing or changing a jacket / sweater / exterior shirt.  Also, some venues don’t make for a great place to change your clothes.
  • Finishing touches: If your going to have your nails painted, make sure that they are fresh (toes too, if they are going to be showing).  Make-up may need to be freshened depending on the venue…if you’re sweating, it’s likely to run.  Wear appropriate shoes.  Although they aren’t always in the photo, there may be a pulled back shot or two that needs to be axed because your shoes don’t fit the rest of the look.

Have more questions?  Need to book your session(s) but not sure about where you want to go or how to plan?  Not sure if we are the photography studio for you?  WANT A FREE GIFT?  We are having a Class of 2015 Senior Event with snacks, FREEBIES and answers to your questions.  Come and check out our portfolio, ask your questions, and book your session all at the same time / place.  You’ll get a look at our studio and become familiar with us.  April 26, 2014 from 2 – 5pm at our home studio.  Can’t make it?  Set up your own personal / private tour of our studio, get your questions answered, and check out our portfolio by contacting Tracy at 989.743.1132 or

2015 Senior Event Flyer

Event Flyer ~ click to enlarge



  • In order to keep up with shipping and photo lab costs as well as to help our little business grow, our pricing went up as of March 18, 2014.  Here is a link to the pricing / information page: SENIORS
  • “FRIENDS OF GABBY” gifts are available thru August 1, 2014.  Our oldest daughter, Gabrielle or “Gabby” is a Class of 2015 SENIOR and is looking out for her friends!  She has made a deal with us that if her friends book their senior portrait sessions with Treasured Memories before August 1, 2014, they’ll get to select a FREE GIFT from this list!  Check out this list of items to choose from!

Senior Gifts friends of Gabby ~ click to enlarge



SAMPLE $25 Gift Certificate - Back


  • Know anyone who has a Class of 2015 Senior, got engaged or is expecting a child?  Get them a GIFT CERTIFICATE for a session with Treasured Memories!  Gift Certificates are available in any denomination you like.  We’ll also give YOU a referral gift!  How often do you get a gift for being generous?  It’s just OUR LITTLE WAY of saying THANKS!



  • Treasured Memories also does custom designs for invitations / announcements.  Let us know what you’re looking for and we’d be happy to create something JUST FOR YOU!

Can be customized with color / design and YOUR favorite quote.












  • Finally, Treasured Memories has begun offering beginner photography classes.  Call or email to set up your group or private classes.  Have a group who’s interested in taking the class together?  Contact me for a discount for 3 or more people.

Classes Info

Thanks for visiting!  I hope you find the time well spent and that you’ll come back again!

~Tracy :)
~Tracy 🙂


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