Treasured Memories is located in Durand, MI (in Shiawassee County) and is happy to service whatever photographic needs you have.

Me and my hubby

My name is Tracy Hyde and I am the photographer you are looking for! Flexibility as well as reasonable pricing with evening and weekend hours available at no additional cost.

I have been photographing people and things since high school, when I was on the yearbook committee.  When I graduated high school my aunt bought me my first camera and I haven’t put one down since.  From taking pictures at events for myself and sharing them with others to tracking the milestones of my children as well as my nieces and nephews, I have never grown tired of having my camera at my side or sharing just one more picture!  So, what began as a hobby and love since I was a teenager, (thanks to so many friends and family) has blossomed into a business.  I finally get to say that I can do what I love!  How awesome is that?
I’d love to share my LOVE with you!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or schedule your appointment today at: thyde@treasuredmemoriesllc.net

I look forward to helping you create the memories that you will treasure forever.